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Tagging Feedback to Features
Tagging Feedback to Features

Tag your feedback directly to features, or create insights from specific text in the feedback inbox

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Productmotion's insight / feature tagging tools will help your product team extract the gold nuggets from the feedback gathered from all the various sources.

After connecting various feedback integrations, your team can process the feedback.

Tagging Feedback directly to a Feature

Click on the piece of feedback to select and open its contents. The feedback will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You can tag the entire piece of feedback to an upcoming feature candidate by clicking on the "Tag to feature" button.

This will launch a dialogue box that will allow you to search for or create a feature to tag the feedback item to.

Create Insights and Tag Features

Sometimes, you may not want to tag the entire body of the feedback item to a feature. If the feedback item is very long, you may instead want to tag specific pieces of the feedback to upcoming feature candidates. You can do this by creating "Insights".

Highlighting over a section that you find interesting in the feedback body will bring up an option to either tag the highlight directly to a feature, or to "Quote text"

Tagging directly to a feature will create an insight and then bring up the feature tagging dialogue box (see earlier section) for you to tag the insight to.

Clicking on "Quote Text" will quote the text and allow you write additional thoughts / comments on the Insight (comment). You can then subsequently tag it to a feature by clicking on the "Attach to feature" button beside the insight itself.

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