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Managing Feedback Items
Managing Feedback Items

Various tips and tricks for managing your Feedback Inbox

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As your team starts collecting more Feedback, the inbox will both get more useful. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Productmotion's Feedback Inbox.

Information at a glance

The tiles on the left of the inbox list (similar to an email client) various pieces of feedback that have been collected and the source that it comes from. You will also see some helpful badges that can indicate key information for your team.

  • Blue Feature badge - indicates how many feature tags there are on a piece of feedback

  • Yellow Insight badge - indicates how many insights (comments) are on the piece of feedback


As your inbox grows, you may want to "Archive" older Feedback items so they do not clutter your inbox. Clicking on the "Archive" button will remove the piece of feedback from the inbox, but it will still always be available in the "All" section and searchable, etc.

You can of course, also unarchive a piece of feedback so that it shows up in the inbox again.

Search and Filter

Productmotion has a powerful search engine that can surface relevant information and help you find Feedback items quickly. You can also make use of labels / filters /etc. to quickly narrow down the information to find the right piece of feedback you were looking for.

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