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Setting up integration with Asana

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Productmotion is focused on helping your product team align and strategically plan upcoming features. Once the planning is done though, integrating with an external operational tool such as Asana will help your team track the progress of development.

Setting up the Asana Integration

In order to connect to Asana, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to Workspace Settings β†’ Delivery Integration

  2. Click on the Connect button beside Asana

  3. You will be redirected to Asana to login and then eventually to a page where you can authorize the integration. Please choose the workspace that you want to authorize the integration against.

  4. You will now be brought back to Productmotion and a dialogue box will pop up asking which Asana workspace you want to connect to. After you select the workspace, you will also be asked which project you want to be connected to.

  5. Select the project and click "Save Changes", that's it! You should now see a green "Connected" notification next to Asana.

  6. When you Navigate back to your Features table, you should see a new column with the Asana status of the feature present. You may customize the table to reorder / remove this from view.


  • We currently support one Delivery Integration connected at a time

  • We currently support connection to one Asana project

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