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Import data from CSV files to Feedback or Features

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If you are able to export data to a common CSV format, you will then be able to import that data into Productmotion either as Feedback or Features.

CSV Templates

Please note that depending on whether you are trying to upload Features or Feedback there is a different CSV template that you should follow. Download the templates here and fill them in with your own data:

Starting a CSV Import Session

  1. Start an CSV import session by navigating to the import screen

  2. Click on the Start Import button associated with CSV

  3. You will be asked to choose whether you want to import Features or Feedback, ensure to choose the correct one that matches with the template you have filled in earlier.

  4. After you upload the document, Productmotion will automatically grab the data from the CSV and temporarily stage it in the CSV Import Session interface (shown below). On this screen, you can choose to "x" out rows that you do not want to import, and / or assign various metadata to the feedback or features you are importing.


When you are ready, click on the "Start Import" button to begin the import. You will be brought to a loading screen while Productmotion is importing your data. Feel free to navigate away if you would like to do other things in the meantime.

When the import is complete, you will be presented with a screen to finish the import session. Note that you can only have one import session active at a time. To start importing data with another data source, you should close off the existing one.

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