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Making use of the Delivery Integration
Making use of the Delivery Integration

Pushing items to a delivery integration and tracking them via two-way sync

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Once you have connected your workspace to a delivery integration. (Please take a look at the following)

Pushing a feature to a delivery integration

You will be able to push items to your delivery integration and track them via Productmotion's two-way integration.

There are two places where you can push a feature to Jira. You can do this from the table view, or directly in the feature's detailed view itself

Push from Features Table

โ€‹Push from Feature Detailed View

Clicking on the Push button will push this feature to the external Integration. This will bring up a modal that will confirm some details. These details are different for every integration, but typically involve choosing the issue type to push as (Story, Task, Epic, etc.) and whether or not you want to include "Subfeatures". Various other fields are mapped as seen in the image below.

Once the form is filled out and the feature is pushed, the button will grey out and you will see the third party delivery's status update.

Two way Integration

Once a feature is pushed or linked to an external integration. Changes made to the title and body of a feature will automatically synchronize to the externally linked issue. Conversely, changes made on the external platform will also update the title and body of the linked feature.

This feature is on by default, but can be disabled in the Delivery Integration settings if you do not prefer to two-way sync.


If the feature is deleted on Productmotion, it will remain intact on the external delivery platform.

If the linked item is deleted on the external delivery platform, it will cause the feature on Productmotion's side to be unlinked. You may choose to Push the feature again if you choose to do so.

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