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Productmotion is focused on helping your product team align and strategically plan upcoming features. Once the planning is done, integrating with an external operational tool such as Shortcut will help your team track the progress of development.

Prerequisites for Shortcut Integration

In order to connect to Shortcut, there are a few things you need to do ahead of connecting.

  1. Log into and find the workspace you are interested in

  2. Copy this token / keep it safe as you will have to enter it in the next part of the integration setup.

Setting up the Shortcut Delivery Integration in Productmotion

After you complete the pre-requisites above, please follow these instructions to enable Shortcut Integration.

  1. Navigate to Workspace Settings β†’ Delivery Integration

  2. Click on the Connect button beside Shortcut

  3. It will ask for an API Key. Enter / paste the token you retrieved from the prerequisite steps.

  4. Click on Set Key

  5. Productmotion will double check whether the API Key has access enabled, if it is invalid you will get an error. If it is valid it will show details to the next section

You will now be able to push data to Shortcut. If you would like, you can enable Two-way integration by performing the steps in the following section.

Enable Two way Integration

In order to enable two-way integration, you will have to set that up within Shortcut.

  1. After setting up the integration as per the above steps, you will be presented with a value for Webhook URL and Secret. If you closed the modal, simply click on Change to beside the Shortcut integration to bring the modal back up.

  2. Navigate to the Shortcut Webhook section and input these options. Ensure that you have set both the Webhook URL as well as Secret for the webhook to be secure. If you need help in how to do this, please read more here (or contact Productmotion Support)

You will now be able to receive two way updates for data pushed to and from Productmotion

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