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Push Slack Conversations to Feedback Inbox
Push Slack Conversations to Feedback Inbox

Keep track of valuable feedback by pushing Slack conversations to your Feedback Inbox

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Once you connect your Productmotion workspace to a Slack workspace, you will be able to push conversations from Slack to your Feedback Inbox.

Using the Productmotion Action Dialogue

Inside of Slack, if you want to push an entire conversation thread, you can click on the three dots beside a conversation and select the Productmotion Feedback bot

If you do not see the shortcut, it may be buried below the fold. Click on "More Message Shortcuts" to show / search for the Productmotion Feedback Shortcut.

Clicking on this will bring up a dialogue box which will allow you to submit the thread to Productmotion's Feedback Inbox.

@mentioning @Productmotion Bot

You can also mention @Productmotion Bot in any thread to push that conversation to the Feedback Inbox.

You can also @ the bot directly and provide a line of feedback that will also be sent to the Feedback Inbox.


  • Both forms of pushing to Slack push the thread at the time that you choose to submit it. It does not currently synchronize if new items are added to the Slack thread after the fact

  • When a Slack conversation is pushed, any images that are in the threads will automatically get attached to the piece of Feedback in Productmotion

  • If you push a Slack conversation twice, Productmotion will attempt to update an existing feedback item rather than create a brand new one. This may not be super clear if the feedback item is already archived. You can use search to bring this back to the forefront.

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